7 Reasons Why it’s the Right Time to have a Digital Signage to Market your Business

45.9 % of businesses consider customer experience as their top priority for the coming years to grow their businesses. That said, they are always on the lookout for modern and advanced technology to get ahead of the game. 

Digital tools are the key to enhance the customer experience. This brings us to Digital signage . These will act as a mode to disperse all the digital content.

With this blog, we bring you seven reasons why it is the right time for you to have digital signage for your business. 

1. They help communicate and connect with customers in a better way

This could be a primary reason why digital signage will be preferred more over print media any given day. By displaying content in the form of videos, images and HTML, one can go on to offer more meaningful displays and connect with customers. 

Different content can be scheduled at different times of the day. Event based content as well can be displayed making it more pleasing and to the point with reference to the ongoing events. 

2. They help you save on time, cost and resources 

Print material for marketing goes through a lot of process. Besides, if there is any error that you have come to realize at a later stage, the entire process goes to waste.

With signages, any error can be corrected quickly, the designs can be uploaded to the system or created from template editors that softwares like that of Lira Screen provide. Cost on prints is saved and more conducive outcomes can be expected with the use of digital signages. 

3. They tend to grab more attention than static media 

It’s fair to say that print media has become a thing of the past. It is time for digital signages and why not? They are exactly what any communication mode preferred during these times would be like. 

You will clearly pay more attention to signage when it is placed next to a printed billboard. 

Those colorful advertisements or the trailers of product launches at events, those mouth-watering digital menu boards or product catalogues at boutiques. You name it and digital signages are versatile enough to accommodate display needs depending on situations. 

4. They are easy to manage 

It’s been said before but we cannot emphasise this point enough! Digital signages do make your life a lot easier. Any content update, design update, campaign update, schedule update, design update — what do you need? All of it can be easily managed with a well-thought digital signage software. 

The best part is you need not be a tech expert to get all these done. A bit of training and guidance will make you a pro at it. The updates just take a few sections to be published and can be managed for screens placed thousands of miles away. Now, does anything get better than this!? 

5. Instant updates can be made in no time

Do you want to display an emergency message or did one of the menu items at your restaurant have a wrong price? Or did you put a wrong date by mistake for an event notice? 

Minor errors that matter can create a mess if they are not updated or corrected in time. With digital signage software, your job gets easier because all of this can be updated in a matter of minutes. 

Screens that are placed remotely are updated in no time and this makes your job of managing content much more easier.

6. Any kind of content can be easily used on signage

Not just images but any kind of content whether it be audios, videos or interactive HTML can be easily managed from a digital signage software. 

Due to the flexibility that the software gives, you are free to display content that grabs more eyeballs. Videos tend to have most of the attention. 

By displaying videos or advertisements that showcase more about your brands, you can create more recall and create a noteworthy brand image in your customers mind. 

7. They can be put to multiple uses

    Digital signage can be used for many things a few listed below: 

  • To market new offers or events
  • To display product catalogues
  • To welcome new clients or employees
  • To announce product launch or any other event 
  • To display an emergency announcements
  • To promote your services

The list can go on. You are free to use signages for whatever purpose that serves you right. With smart software, you can also use the ready-made templates and go on to edit them like you need. 

With template editors, you can also design the content you need from scratch and trust us, you need not be a professional designed to do it. With tons of stock images as well as easy formatting and layering options, you can create anything that you need.

Looking to have digital signage for your business? Reach us out at sales@lirascreen.com and let’s discuss your needs!

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