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White Label Digital Signage

Save a lot on development and resources, make our well-thought product all yours.

lirascreen white label digital signage
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What will You Get?

Complete System

We have researched, we have groomed our product and now we give it all to you. We ensure that you get everything in our product that you are looking for.

Flexibility of pricing

With our partnership, the product is all yours. You can sell it to your end clients at a pricing you feel is right and adopt the business strategy as you feel.

Your own branding

With the product being in your branding, clients will go on to believe it’s your own product. This being a plug-n-play solution, it is very quick to set up and go live as well.

Free system updates

We keep adding new apps to our app store, new features from time to time to make the solution more versatile and competitive. All these add-ons are available for free in the solution.

Ways to build revenue!

Get new clients

People in your industry who already know you but don't use your services might start if they are on the lookout of a robust digital signage software.

Earn from support services

Design creation, content creation, installation and support services are something that will go on adding more to your work and revenue with this partnership.

Venture into new industries

The white label partnership with Lira Screen will open the doors of several other industries that are related to your current business and provide an opportunity to venture into other sectors thus adding more to your brand standing as well.

how to earn with digital signage


benefits of lirascreen white label solution

Lira Screen White Label Partnership Benefits

  • The pricing to join the partnership is competitive and rewarding.
  • The end solution is offered your own branding.
  • This solution will aid in enhancing your product offering base.
  • New revenue streams are opened up with the business model.
  • The commitment to join the partnership is minimal.
  • You are saved from the cost of developing the entire solution from scratch.

How to get started as a partner?

learn how digital signage works


We guide you through our entire process on how to set up, ways to upload content and publish, the hardware to be used or from where to customise the templates. We have an expert team that guides you through the entire process.

customize system


Showcase the services that you are now offering and give your client base exactly what they are looking to have. With the customizable templates, different apps on the app store, anything can be achieved on the TV screen.

earn revenue


The solution is designed keeping the client's needs in mind. It’s easy to use, easy to manage and lets users assign roles which makes the work segregation quite easy. Your clients can learn every bit about the solution in a day or two and then start managing everything from their side.


White Label Partnership FAQs

You can fill out our partnership form below and we will revert you within 24 hours to arrange a demo and take the discussion ahead.

We had different partnership plans drawn out and you can choose the one that fits best. We also offer customised quotes based on your volumes.

Once the payment is done, we offer the white label solution to you within 3 days and then you are good to go ahead with the offering of it to your clients.

Yes, the apps will be available in your branding on the respective stores.