How can You Sell more Liquor at Your Wine Store with Digital Signage?

Wine lovers definitely don’t need a reason to visit your store but what can fascinate them even more is a right menu display. 

Why? Cause they are always looking to try something new and a right menu will give them an opportunity to do so!

They are always keen to know more about the new wines in your stock, the process they are being prepared with and a lot more!

To keep them intrigued and try more options, digital menus are a great way to start!

But does the story end here? Of course not! 

Digital signage or in case of your liquor store, digital menu boards are not just about displaying your menu!

A lot can be done with them to take the customer service a giant leap! 

Signage are said to increase your reach to customers by 20% at a large retail store! This is indeed a decent figure to start with. Around 84% of the retailers believe that digital signage create more brand awareness compared to the conventional forms of marketing.

How can You Use Digital Signage at Your Liquor Store?

Use them to display your weekly offers and deals!

Digital signage can be used to display the much awaited offers or deals at your liquor store that most of your customers are looking forward to. 

People might plan out their hangouts accordingly especially for the weekends!

Create a playlist of all your promotions, maybe go on to make an amazing video on it and schedule it on the screen.

You can also schedule the content well in advance so your regular menu keeps playing in the loop. If you are running offers only for specific hours, the offer can play for that specific time!

Use good wine images with a detailed description to make it easy for customers to order

If you are a wine store, your customers would be very interested in knowing the entire process in wine making. 

If you have new flavoured wines at your store, again this would be something everyone would want to know in more detail what the particular wine is all about and what makes it different from others!

With beautifully captured images, you can go on to revamp your current menu. Split the screen into two segments and display two wines or the liquor side by side with their detailed descriptions.

Most liquor stores tend to have loyal customers but it is equally important to attract new ones. Digital signage goes in line with the current marketing strategies and will surely help you grab more footfalls. 

Display videos of the liquor or wine making process 

This is something that will definitely grab more eyeballs at your liquor store. 

Imagine preparing a video right from distilling, producing mash, fermentation and maturation. A lot of people are actually interested in this entire process but hardly get to see it in real life. 

By doing so, you can surely create more interest in your crowd in the wines and liquor sold at your store. 

This also plants in more trust among your customers about the right process being followed to get them the best liquor in town!

Highlight new arrivals to let your customers know about them

New arrivals are items everyone is interested in! They often get more trials and you can know if adding them to your liquor menu was worth it. 

Certainly these items deserve more attention and hence need a first place on the signages. 

With right content, images and promotional text, you can definitely get a good headstart for the new items. You can simply go on to select any template that are available in the signage software and tweak them like you need. 

Lira Screen offers 250+ amazing menu board templates at this point and editing them is also pretty easy!

Benchmark your happy hours!

Let your customers know about happening events like wine tasting or sampling events!

Wine tasting events always grab attention since you can meet new people there who also love wine, offers a great experience and lets you get more footfalls and people know about your services. 

To get more footfalls, you can use signage to display the date, time and venue of the event.

With schedulers in the signage softwares, all you need to do is prepare an attention grabbing image for the event, schedule it in advance so you don’t have to tip-toe at the end moment. 

Are you a liquor store who is looking to explore more about signage but don’t know where to start? Drop a quick line on and we can help you out!

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