How to Publish Any Site’s RSS Feed on Digital Signage Display using Lira Screen?

With RSS feeds, you can go on to display the right information and keep the viewers hooked and updated! If you are using LIRA Screen, all you need to do is set up the latest XML link and push the content across the screens. 

Simple Steps to Configure the RSS Feeds to the System

1. Under the App Store selection, click on the RSS Feeds App.

digital signage rss feed app

2. On the right top corner, click on the ‘Create App’.

rss feed setting for signage

3. Input the RSS feed URL of the site you want to display the RSS feed of.

4. It is necessary to specify the time in seconds. Minimum 10 seconds of interval needs to be inputted.

5. If data needs to be refreshed, in that case input minimum 20 minutes. If you don’t want the data to be refreshed, put in 0.

6. Select a Layout design from the two options that works best for you.

choose your feed layout option

7. If you need Zoom Animation select Yes, otherwise select no.

8. Once done, click on ‘Save’ to create the RSS Feed with us. 

9. You can preview how it will look on the screen as well.

system preview of rss feed app

It’s that quick, easy and simple!

Drop a quick mail on if you are looking to use this and have any further questions configuring it. 

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